seaborne LPG Trade yearbook 2020

Announcing the upcoming publication of the single-most comprehensive study of global seaborne LPG trade ever conducted, the Seaborne LPG Trade Yearbook 2020. Conducted by three of the most skilled and knowledgeable LPG industry experts in the world using Kpler’s highly respected seaborne LPG trade data, this study promises to become an essential resource and highly valuable market intelligence repository for LPG and shipping industry executives, traders, corporate planners, ship brokers, investment bankers, private equity firms and any company or individual with LPG business interests.

Never before has any consulting firm published such an in-depth and timely review and analysis of global seaborne LPG trade. World Energy Consultants, working in tandem with Muse, Stancil & Co. and using data supplied by Kpler, the world’s premiere source of data intelligence for LPG shipping, have created the one “go-to” study that every company involved in waterborne LPG trade and shipping will come to view as an essential resource.  Covering the most important topics of international LPG trade today, and addressing key concerns about the global LPG market’s ability to handle U.S. LPG supply growth are key reasons to buy this study.

Subscribe to our 2020 study edition before April 30 and receive a free copy of our 2019 edition at no additional charge!  Early subscribers receive many additional benefits.  Read our study prospectus!

Study Highlights

  • A truly global study, covering seaborne LPG imports and exports of 155 countries.
  • Five years of seaborne LPG trade analysis.
  • All seaborne LPG trade data was provided by Kpler, the top provider of LPG shipping data intelligence.
  • Coverage of every region and sub-region in the world.
  • Analysis of the East-of-Suez and West-of-Suez "Super Regions."
  • Filled with hard-hitting analysis, opinions and commentary by LPG industry experts.
  • Three volumes and 1,260 pages in length, the study has sections designed, written and prepared for company CEO's and high-level executives (decision makers), traders, Directors and Managers, and an extensive reference section for corporate planners and analysis.
  • Includes 901 graphs,472 tables, 9 charts and photos and 135,217 words of expert commentary.
  • Discusses NGL pipeline, fractionation plant and export terminal project additions and expansions that will continue driving U.S. LPG exports higher.
  • Tabular data for imports and exports by month, quarter and year for all 155 countries.
  • Global LPG trade matrices that provide actual seaborne LPG trade flows between regions for the past 3 years.
  • New demand-related projects that will drive LPG market growth in the coming years, including PDH plants in China, Canada, etc.
  • Shipments of U.S. LPG exports by terminal.
  • Discussion and analysis of the world LPG market's ability to consume the tsunami of new U.S. LPG production expected over the next 3 years.
  • Analysis of Trump Administration trade tariffs on China's LPG imports from the U.S. and how the world LPG market has supplied China.
  • Listings and market share information for the world's largest LPG exporters, importers, charterers, shipments by vessel class, etc.
  • Analysis and commentary on growth markets in 2019 and beyond, where U.S. LPG supplies will most likely land.
  • Analysis, opinions and conclusions regarding the hottest industry topics and most pressuring LPG market issues of 2019 and 2020.
  • Illustrates five years of imports by country of origin for every LPG importing country.
  • Illustrates fives years of exports by country of destination for each LPG exporting country.

What Makes This Study Special?

World Energy Consultants and Muse, Stancil & Co. have published the largest analytical study of waterborne LPG trade ever.  Covering the seaborne LPG imports and exports of 155 different countries using Kpler data, the study is available by subscription to any interested company or party.!

If your company is interested in international LPG trade and you had just one study to pick as your go-to resource, a repository like no other for the waterborne LPG industry, what would it be?  Up until now that question may have been difficult to answer, but not anymore.  World Energy Consultants, working jointly with Muse, Stancil & Co. and given exclusive use of Kpker’s LPG shipping data, has created a study of seaborne LPG trade that industry participants have only dreamed about up until now.

Led by World Energy Consultant’s CEO Craig Whitley, a former senior partner at highly respected international LPG consultancy Purvin & Gertz and former Head of Global LPG Analytics for BP, the study team of Whitley, Ajey Chandra and Ken Chow, all former gas and LPG consultants at Purvin & Gertz for many years, have produced a masterful study of international LPG trade that offers insight and expert opinions on the most pressing issues of the day.  

The study team’s 100 combined years of industry experience shines brightly in their explanations, summations and predictions that cover the most pertinent topics on the minds of everyone remotely involved in seaborne LPG trade, LPG distribution, new infrastructure projects, LPG shipping, project finance, etc.

Few consulting companies in the LPG space actually have consultants that have worked in the LPG industry.  Because of our vast experience in the industry, we like to think we’ve created the first LPG industry study that was designed and written “for the people, by the people.”  What this means to our potential subscribers is that they will be buying a study they will use and consult with regularly.  It’s just as much a “Bible” or “Handbook” of the seaborne LPG industry as it is an in-depth analysis of world LPG trade.

Having conducted many LPG industry studies over the years, we’ve listened to and learned from our subscribers.   Taking the insight we’ve gained from numerous client discussions over the years to guide and assist us in developing the blueprint for the Seaborne LPG Trade Yearbook, we were inspired and driven to create the greatest study of seaborne LPG trade ever published.  We truly believe we achieved this goal and feel you’ll form the same conclusion if you elect to subscribe to our study.

We tried to leave no stone unturned when preparing the Seaborne LPG Trade Yearbook.  Not only does the study provide a comprehensive analysis of global seaborne LPG trade trade flows and volumes, but we’ve also analyzed and discussed the key market factors and most pressing issues LPG industry executives are trying to manage in 2019 and the near-term years.  This includes commentary on new PDH projects in China, Canada, Egypt, Europe, etc., market drivers in Africa, identifying regions and countries where LPG demand and import growth are slowing down, declining LPG production in Mexico and Venezuela, new Autogas legislation in South Korea, arbitrage drivers, etc.

Study Team

Craig Whitley

Craig Whitley is President and CEO of World Energy Consultants, LLC, an international LPG consulting firm based in Houston, Texas.  Craig is the former Head of Global LPG Analytics for BP, a senior partner of Purvin & Gertz for 18 years, and has 48 years of LPG industry experience.

Ajey Chandra

Ajey Chandra is a Director of Muse, Stancil & Co. and the Managing Director of the company’s Houston office, where he also leads the firm’s Midstream practice .   Ajey’s widespread industry experience was gained working at Amoco, Purvin & Gertz, Hess, and NextEra Energy Resources .

Ken Chow

Ken Chow is a Senior Principal in the Midstream practice of Muse, Stancil & Co.   Like Craig and Ajey, Ken was also a former partner of Purvin & Gertz and has over 20 years of industry experience working  for NextEra Energy, Williams, Enron, and PanCanadian Petroleum.

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