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To subscribe to our study, simply click on the “Request Info Now” button below, complete the form on the next page requesting your contact information and email address.  Once you complete and submit the form you will automatically be emailed a copy of our study prospectus which will include much more information about the study’s contents and pricing.  The study prospectus will include an order form for the study and a link that allows you to download the complete table of contents for the study.

The basic subscription fee will cover up to three (3) total employees of your company or wholly-owned subsidiaries.  All additional subscribing employees, meaning subscribers 4 and beyond, whether they work for your company or your wholly-owned subsidiaries, will be granted a greatly reduced subscription price that is no more than the annual subscription cost of many industry newsletters.   

You can pay for your subscription by Bank Wire Transfer, Bank Cashier’s Check, Bank Money Order or major credit card.  Once you’ve paid for the number of users you choose for your company or business, send us an email with the names and email addresses of each user.   Each use will be sent an electronic copy of the study upon our confirmed receipt of payment.

LPG Gas Carrier and Tug

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