Since 2014, Kpler has tracked LPG gas carriers and captured valuable data and information about numerous aspects of each shipment. Without question, Kpler's online platform and its many tools represent the most useful high-tech market intelligence service ever created for the global seaborne LPG shipping and trading industries.

Kpler was born from the need of more transparency in commodity markets. For years, commodity markets were indeed very opaque. Information sources at the disposal of market players were limited: on one hand, vessel-tracking tools were of little use in knowing what was actually being carried; on the other, PDF reports published with a time delay were not only time-consuming to read but also partial and sometimes biased.

Kpler saw the digitalization as an opportunity to bring transparency to commodity markets, with an important focus on LPG. By using the latest digital technologies, Kpler’s founders designed an innovative methodology aimed at bringing together the different pieces of the LNG market’s information puzzle. The goal was to allow market players to spend adequate time on value-added analytical tasks rather than on long and painful information collection processes.

In a few years only, Kpler has become a must-have tool. Through different channels (web and mobile application, API, Excel add-in), it provides market players with a large array of information on the LPG market. One key feature of Kpler’s data technology is that the information is available in real-time. Also, the level of information provided ranges  from granular (comprehensive information on every single cargo and installation) to macro (global flows), bringing value to different types of players (analysts, traders, operation managers, ship owners and brokers, portfolio managers, etc.).

Kpler’s success story is a brilliant example of how the digital can enhance the LPG industry, by giving more power to its players.

Kpler’s LPG clients include trading firms, LPG importers, LPG export terminal operators, petrochemical companies, LPG brokers, industrial companies, LPG shipowners and financial institutions.  These firms rely on Kpler’s amazing online platform for LPG ship tracking and seaborne LPG data intelligence to gain instantaneous market insight and intel. Kpler empowers its clients with market intel that helps them anticipate market changes, discover unconventional or hidden behaviors, drive new opportunities and outperform the competition.

Kpler currently covers nearly 20 commodities, including all major energy markets.  Kpler constantly strives to enlarge its scope to new commodities and new segments along the global commodity value chain.

To learn more about Kpler and its highly popular online platform for LPG and other energy commodities or arrange a demonstration of its online platform, please contact Kpler via email by sending a message to

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