World Energy Consultants

World Energy Consultants, LLC is a leader in global LPG consulting and frequently works with clients around the globe. Conducting market studies like the Seaborne LPG Trade Yearbook is our forte.

World Energy Consultants, LLC is an international LPG and NGL consultancy that provides various consulting services (i..e., multi-client studies, due diligence support, feasibility studies, merger-acquisition analysis, market analysis, forecasting, expert testimony, retainer services, etc.) to private and public energy and petrochemical firms, LPG distributors, gas processors, oil and gas producers, LPG retailers, NGL marketers, LPG shipping companies and state-owned oil companies.  

Craig Whitley, President & CEO of global LPG consultancy, World Energy Consultants, has 48 years of LPG industry experience, including 25 years’ experience as an international LPG consultant.  Craig has conducted LPG consulting assignments in 52 countries around the globe and frequently performs market analysis of international LPG markets.  He has given over 600 industry speeches and presentations during his career and conducted over 100 LPG market workshops.

World Energy Consultants, LLC is based in Houston, TX. The company’s principal and CEO, Craig Whitley, has 48 years of experience in the international LPG and natural gas liquids industry, including almost 25 years as an international LPG consultant. Mr. Whitley has conducted in-country consulting assignments in 52 countries and is recognized globally for his expertise in matters pertaining to the natural gas liquids and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) industries.

World Energy Consultants’ founder and owner, Craig Whitley, has written and published numerous LPG multi-client studies during his career, but firmly believes the Seaborne LPG Trade Yearbook is the most comprehensive, timely and useful LPG multi-client study he’s ever had the pleasure of conducting and publishing.

In addition to the consulting services mentioned above World Energy Consultants also provides international clients exclusive LPG acquisition and logistics management services.  If you’re unfamiliar with the U.S. ethane, propane or butane marketplace and need representation to help you acquire these products from U.S. producers and/or export terminal operators, please call our toll free number, 1-800-746-1825, or our office at 1-832-390-2360 to discuss your needs and the type of assistance we can provide your firm in acquiring LPG / NGL supply at competitive prices.  We work with several clients from abroad and can provide you professional references upon request.  To review Mr. Whitley’s professional CV, please visit now.  You can also find World Energy Consultants on Facebook at pr visit our website at .