Subscriber Benefits and Early Subscriber Discounts

Subscriber Benefits

Although the benefits to subscribing to the Seaborne LPG Trade Yearbook 2020 Edition are numerous, some of the more important benefits mentioned by clients include:

  • A dependable reference book of international LPG trade I can consult regularly.
  • A single go-to source for reliable trade data, conversion factors, shipping info, market share intel and more.
  • Custom-designed format for each level of your organization.
  • Written and presented in a style ideal for business developers and corporate planners.
  • View the global seaborne market from multiple angles and through multiple lenses.
  • A study written by authors who understand the seaborne LPG industry. Time-Sensitive Subscriber Benefits

Time-Sensitive Subscriber Benefits

Subscribe before April 30, 2020 and receive the following bonuses:

  • An early subscriber discount of $2,000 off the base price of the study.
  • A free copy of the 2019 edition of the Seaborne LPG Trade Yearbook sent within 24 hours of your payment.
  • An early release of our 2020 study’s Executive Summary tables and graphs on April 30.
  • 2 hours of free consulting time on relevant seaborne LPG topics.

Your Subscription Package Includes

  • Three user licenses and electronic copies of the study for the same basic subscription fee.
  • A 90% discount on additional user licenses and copies for users 4 and above.
  • Quarterly special topics on seaborne LPG trade will be sent to all subscribers in 2020.
  • Free telephone support for questions regarding the study’s content.
  • Early bird discounts (see above) if you place your subscription before April 30, 2020.

In-House Presentations

For a nominal fee, paid subscribers can elect to have one or more of our study authors provide an in-house presentation at your office location.  The only restriction to the size of the audience will be seating capacity of the room you provide for the presentation.  Our presentation will provide an overview of the most pertinent facts and conclusions found in the study.  Out-of-pocket travel expenses will be billed to clients requesting an in-house presentation more than 100 miles from Houston, Texas.  For the same nominal cost of an in-house presentation, out-of-town subscribers can elect to have a webcast presentation using GoTo Meeting, Skype or another online service.

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